Saddle fit is as critical to the success of equine sport as footwear for the human athlete!

Today’s equestrians understand that properly fitted horse tack is paramount to the athletic success, longevity and comfort of both horse and rider. TruFit Saddles, Inc., serves Western New York and beyond, providing expert service that’s friendly, convenient, and completely tailored to fit the needs of you and your horse. 


TruFit Saddle, Inc., approaches saddle fitting as a science, with extraordinary depth and focus on the overall well-being of both horse and rider; attempting to create the ideal balance between the two.  Our first and foremost concern is the welfare of the horse and the safety of the rider.  


Purchasing a saddle will probably be the single most expensive item that you are ever likely to buy for your horse.  Therefore, it is recommended that you employ a Society of Master Saddlers Registered Saddle Fitter.  A registered Qualified Saddle Fitter is a person who has passed the SMS Saddle Fitting Qualification and is registered with the Society to fit saddles.  



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Our Qualified Saddle Fitters Visit Format includes:


1 - Introduction to rider (or handler) and horse. 


2 - With the horse held in the halter and standing square on a level and firm surface, we check the back for white hairs, lumps and sores, condition and conformation features, and "back" sensitivity. 


3 - The horse will then be seen in-hand for action, soundness and for any conformation problems likely to affect the fit of the saddles. 


4 - We take a template of the horse's back with the aid of a flexi-curve. Using all of the collected information, we select and fit (try on) appropriate saddles ensuring that they conform to the shape of the horse.  The aim is to ensure a good gullet clearance, accurate panel contacts and freedom of movement of the shoulder blades (scapula).  The saddle must not come into contact with the loin area.  


5 - The horse should be ridden in the chosen saddle on both reins and diagonals (walk, trot and canter) and if necessary over some small jumps. 


6 - While the horse is being ridden, we will check for balance of both the saddle and rider.  


It must be accepted that the horse's shape/condition will change with progressive work and conversely with rest.  It is therefore recommended that you arrange for regular checks to be carried out by your TruFit saddle fitter.  You may find a weight tape useful to monitor your horse's condition.  


TruFit works in conjunction with eight manufacturers, all of which are international leaders in performance, flexibility and quality. From the accommodating, yet form-fitting English saddles of Jeremy Rudge, to the high-quality comfort of Antares’ European saddles – TruFit promises the premier tack that reflects the individuality of you and your horse.